Letter – He’s a fan of Bowman

Published 8:14 pm Friday, June 14, 2024

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Editor, Windsor Weekly:

Many of you know me and my involvement in the monitoring of local politics, usually calling them out on inconsistencies or wrongdoings. However, this letter is gonna be different.

I have known Steve Bowman since 1979. I have worked with him on accidents, crime scenes, suicides and other events most people should never witness. Believe me, I was always glad to see him on these ghastly scenes. I have watched him start as a Surry deputy, Smithfield Police Department, State Police, Virginia Marine Resources Commission, chief of Smithfield PD, back to governor appointment to VMRC, and now as mayor. I probably have even missed a few. His record is impeccable and deserves admiration, not disrespect!

Let me say that through all of this, his integrity at the job has been at the highest level. I have no doubt that his intentions are 100% based on what he thinks is best for the town. We may not always agree, but I know where his heart is. When contacted, he is honest, professional and kind even when we strongly disagree. That is the mark of a man.

He deserves no disrespect, and should not be punished for the deeds of politicians before him. Get to know him and you will agree. Mayor Bowman is a class act and has my support, and should have yours as well.


Jim Minton