Council approves $12K for police station improvements

Published 9:00 am Sunday, May 5, 2024

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The Windsor Town Council voted unanimously April 9 to expend $12,100 for needed floor repairs and some floor replacement at the Windsor Police Department’s station.

Town Manager William Saunders introduced the matter during the April 9 council meeting by noting, “It has become apparent that repairs to the floor structure and replacement of flooring materials are needed in areas of the Windsor Police Department building.”

He outlined in an April 9 memo to the mayor and Town Council how two specific areas in the police station require repairs.

“One of the restroom areas has rotten subflooring and floor joists beneath the tile flooring due to an unknown leak in the plumbing,” he stated.

He noted that in this restroom area, the tile flooring and damaged structural elements will be removed and replaced with new materials, including a new toilet and luxury vinyl plank flooring.

He explained that the proposed cost for this was $9,250. 

“The other area is the holding room where existing vinyl flooring is becoming detached from the underlayment and damaged,” he stated.

The contractor proposal recommended by Saunders covers the removal of the old flooring and replacement of it with luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Saunders noted that the proposed cost for this was $2,850, bringing the total cost of the floor repairs and replacement at the police station to $12,100.

“Three quotes were attempted for this project; however, two contractors were non-responsive,” Saunders stated.

He recommended going forward with the proposal from Carrsville-based contractor Kreative Interior Building.

He also noted it is recommended that funding for this project be drawn from American Rescue Plan Act funds, to be transferred to the Building Repairs and Maintenance line item in the Public Works section of the General Fund.

Within the estimate/proposal from Kreative Interior Building that pertains to the bathroom repair work at the police station, it is stated, “We have no intention of removing the tile from the walls or removing the shower. If it is decided that it should be removed, or requested to have it removed, it will be removed at an additional cost.”

Councilman David Adams asked Saunders about the likelihood of that additional cost being incurred.


“We don’t intend to remove the tile from the walls, only from the floor,” Saunders said, confirming this with Windsor Police Chief Rodney “Dan” Riddle, who was present at the meeting.

Windsor Mayor George Stubbs said he knows Kenneth Britt, who is the local contractor representing Kreative Interior Building in the proposal.

“I am familiar with quite a bit of his work and say he does a Class-A job,” Stubbs said. “His attention to detail is to be commended. I can show you a house inside where they renovated. Took them a little over six months, took out walls, re-did kitchens, re-did great rooms. When he got through it was marvelous. It was fantastic.

Adams made the motion to appropriate $12,100 from ARPA funds for the proposed floor repairs/replacement at the Windsor police station. Councilman Walter Bernacki seconded the motion, and the 6-0 vote followed.