WAA adds 7th field dedicated for T-ball

Published 7:00 pm Friday, March 15, 2024

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The Windsor Athletic Association’s spring baseball and softball season will begin Saturday, March 23, and will feature a new, seventh field in operation solely dedicated to T-ball.

WAA Board of Directors member Brittney Curle noted that the new field is a reflection of “just a growing number of registrations and folks entrusting their kids to play with us.”

“The community’s growing, and we’re getting more kids, and typically you have a lot more quantity of T-ballers than you do 14-year-olds playing,” she said.

She explained that there originally was another WAA field that was the designated site for T-ball action.

“Now that we have more kids playing, we needed an extra field, and so we made one that was dedicated only to T-ball that’s much smaller, so that way T-ball could play on that field and that would open up the original field to other age groups that can play on the older field,” she said.

Field No. 7 is evidence of continued growth, as the WAA had just added Field No. 6 last year.

The Curle family is among those heavily involved in the association, as Brittney’s husband, Jason Curle, is president of the WAA board, Brittney also serves as concessions manager, and their child, 4-year-old Madison Curle, will be playing WAA T-ball. 

On Feb. 17, Madison and 5-year-old Kasen Briley hammered down the home plate on Field No. 7.

Reflecting on what it means to see the seventh field complete and ready for use, Brittney said, “It just means that we can house more kids and more kids can be involved in sports and be able to enjoy the game of baseball and (allow us to be) able to mentor them.”

She noted that all coaches and board members are volunteers and serve in their roles for the children, giving back to the community.

“Thank you to the local community for supporting Windsor Athletic Association so our children can have a safe place to play baseball and softball,” Brittney said.

The WAA is located at 10333 Five Forks Road in Windsor.

Opening day will begin with the first games starting around 9 a.m., and it will continue into the mid-afternoon.

The season, which features opportunities for children ages 3-14, will run till the end of May.

For those interested in coming out to watch and cheer on the participants, there is no cost for admission.