Ambrose reappointed to Windsor EDA

Published 8:00 am Saturday, March 9, 2024

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The Windsor Town Council was presented Feb. 13 with candidates that it could consider for appointment to multiple seats on the town’s Economic Development Authority. The council voted unanimously to reappoint Tony Ambrose to the authority.

“The Economic Development Authority has expiring and vacant terms,” Windsor Town Manager William Saunders said as he introduced the relevant agenda item during the council’s Feb. 13 meeting. “As you are aware, the Economic Development Authority nominates potential directors, and the Town Council appoints them.”

He later noted that Brenda Dowdy had been nominated by the EDA to fill a vacant seat, the term for which expires June 30, 2027.

In a Feb. 13 memo to the mayor and Town Council, Saunders also noted that the EDA terms for Ambrose and Dale Scott will expire on June 30, 2024.

“Because we were bringing a nominee to you, it may be a little bit early, (but I) went ahead and put the reappointments on this (agenda item),” Saunders said during the meeting. “Tony Ambrose is willing to be reappointed to a new term that would expire June 30, 2028.

“Dale Scott, however, is considering a reappointment, but since there is so much time until June 30, he would prefer if that be considered at a later time,” Saunders continued. “And it does not need to be voted on tonight, so I apologize if I cause him any consternation by doing this a little bit early, and tell him I look forward to hearing something (from) him by the end of his term.

“But for now, if you want to act on it, Tony Ambrose is willing to be reappointed to that new term,” Saunders said.

After a brief pause from the council, a motion was made and seconded to reappoint Ambrose, and a 6-0 vote followed.

Then Saunders presented the information about Brenda Dowdy’s nomination by the EDA, giving the council the opportunity to appoint her.

Mayor George Stubbs called for any discussion or a motion on the matter. After a brief pause in which neither followed, he said, “Hearing no discussion, and due to previous discussion, I will table this item until next month’s meeting to be readdressed at that time.”

He called for a vote to table the item, and the council voted 5-0 to do so. Councilman Edward “Gibbie” Dowdy abstained.