Water main replacement project progresses

Published 5:27 pm Friday, September 15, 2023

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Windsor Town Manager William Saunders provided the Windsor Town Council with an update Tuesday, Sept. 12, regarding progress being made on the Duke Street and Virginia Avenue water main replacement project.

Saunders began his update by pulling from a Sept. 12 memo he had written to the council that offered a capital projects update.

“As of the time of this writing, the contractors had removed trees and installed the new 8-inch water line around the town-owned property at the end of Duke Street,” he stated. “They had extended the line beyond A Street and were continuing down Duke Street. They will make the A Street crossing in approximately two weeks.”

He estimated that workers had progressed nearly halfway down Duke Street.

“As we may have discussed before, there are some supply chain issues, if you will, on some of the parts primarily that go inside the water meter boxes, so they’re when you connect the individual services,” he said.

He noted that workers were already planning to run the whole new main, charge both mains and then go individually house to house to disconnect the old service and reconnect the new service.

“So that’s still the plan,” he said. “They’re going to work the main down Duke Street, then they’re going to work the main down Virginia Avenue, and then once everything is tied in, both mains are live, they’ll go back individually, yard by yard, and make the new connections on the service lines.”