Windsor Town Council makes appointments to Planning Commission, EDA

Published 2:09 pm Monday, August 14, 2023

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The government bodies responsible for Windsor’s planning and economic development have been restored to their full complements in the wake of the Windsor Town Council’s Tuesday, Aug. 8, meeting.

The council emerged from closed session to make an appointment to the Windsor Planning Commission and four appointments to the town’s Economic Development Authority.


LaTara Harris was appointed to the Planning Commission to fill an unexpired term that will end Dec. 31, 2026. 

In a previous meeting, Windsor Town Manager William Saunders noted that the vacancy on the commission was created when Jesse Taylor resigned due to the demands on his time from his work and home life.

In a memo to the mayor and Town Council found within the Aug. 8 meeting packet, Saunders stated that there had been no respondents to the call to serve on the commission as of the memo’s writing. 

However, we did receive one resumé today for someone interested in serving in that capacity, and you’ll find a copy of that resumé at your places tonight,” Saunders said during the meeting.

Councilman David Adams said he elicited the resumé from Harris.

Addressing the rest of the council, Windsor Mayor George Stubbs said, “You’ve just had an opportunity to see it this evening, so some may not have gone over it. I did receive it this afternoon and read through some. I got it electronically. A very impressive resumé from my viewpoint and what this individual has done over a period of time.”

Adams said he had three individuals contact him to say they were interested in serving, “but only one got to the point where they sent us their resumé.”

When asked later in the meeting, Adams affirmed that he knew Harris.

“Both her and her husband own and operate businesses in the town, so I feel like they could fit,” he said. “She could fit in the Planning Commission role or in the Economic Development Authority role or any. So I make a motion that we discuss this in closed session to come up with a consensus.”

The council vote to appoint Harris after closed session was 5-0. Councilman Walter Bernacki was absent during the Aug. 8 meeting.


DeWitt Holland and Durwood Scott were reappointed to the Economic Development Authority on a 5-0 vote. 

Councilman Jake Redd was reappointed to the EDA on a 4-0 vote, as he abstained.

The terms for Holland, Redd and Scott will expire June 30, 2027.

Tony Ambrose was appointed by a 5-0 vote to the EDA to fill an unexpired term that ends June 30, 2024.