Windsor Police Department to receive upgraded security system

Published 5:53 pm Friday, May 5, 2023

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The Windsor Police Department will be receiving an upgraded security surveillance and license plate recognition system.

During the Windsor Town Council’s April 25 work session, the council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution appropriating $26,764 from the American Rescue Plan Act unappropriated fund balance of the town’s general fund and approving a budget amendment for fiscal year 2023 for the acquisition of the security system upgrade for the WPD.

In a memo to the town mayor and Town Council, Windsor Town Manager William Saunders noted that the acquisition of the upgrade was made possible through the Virginia ARPA Law Enforcement Equipment Grant Program.

“The commonwealth of Virginia has initiated a special law enforcement grant from unspent ARPA funds,” Saunders wrote. “The town of Windsor qualifies for $153,000 for the purchase of appropriate equipment that can have the effect of suppressing violent crime in the community.”

He stated that the plan for equipment to purchase was submitted to the commonwealth by March 24, and final approval of the plan will be received Thursday, May 11.

“As part of this grant opportunity, the WPD has sought a quote for a security system upgrade for  the Windsor Police Department,” Saunders wrote, noting that the total cost of the upgrade has ended up being $26,764.

He recommended that the purchase of the security system upgrade be made from unappropriated ARPA funds until the town is reimbursed by the grant.

In an April 3 memo to Saunders, Windsor Police Chief Rodney “Dan” Riddle explained that his department was requesting to purchase in advance the upgraded Verkada security surveillance and LPR system for the department prior to an 18% price increase that would occur if the town did not initiate the contract and installation prior to the end of April. 

He stated that the installation would be completed by Nitor.

“This system will also establish a foundation that will allow the town to upgrade the security surveillance system at town hall and add additional cameras throughout town as needed in the future,” he wrote.