Arrest made in Selby murder case

Published 4:15 pm Thursday, January 19, 2023

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Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office investigators, with assistance from the Newport News Police Department, arrested a Newport News man Tuesday night, Jan. 17, in connection with the murder of a Williamsburg woman whose body was found Friday, Jan. 13, near Windsor, the sheriff’s office stated in a Jan. 17 news release.

Andarius McClelland, 21, was charged with second-degree murder and use or display of a firearm in committing a felony.

On Jan. 13 around 9:30 p.m., Isle of Wight sheriff’s deputies were called to a remote area of the county off Blue Ridge Road, roughly one-and-a-half miles outside the town limits of Windsor, according to Capt. Tommy Potter, spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

A Saturday, Jan. 14, sheriff’s office news release noted that upon the arrival of sheriff’s office personnel, it was confirmed that the body of a Black female was located on a dirt logging path in that remote area. 

Aonesty Selby

The victim was identified as 18-year-old Aonesty Selby, of Williamsburg, police said.

The Jan. 17 release stated that Selby’s family became concerned for her safety and reported her missing to the James City County Police Department after there had been no activity on her cellphone since Wednesday, Jan. 11.

McClelland was arrested peacefully at the apartment he shares with his brother in the 12000 block of Jefferson Avenue in Newport News, police said, noting that he was then transported by investigators to the Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office for processing.

On Wednesday, Jan. 18, the sheriff’s office released documentation, including a criminal complaint and three different affidavits for search warrants. 

“We have executed all of the search warrants,” said Deputy Alecia T. Paul, assistant public information officer for the sheriff’s office, noting that the warrants provide information about what evidence police were looking for and the probable cause they used to obtain them and the warrants for arrest.

A fourth search warrant was released by the sheriff’s office Thursday, Jan. 19.


The criminal complaint was produced by Investigator Karen Hanley, who also applied for the search warrants.

Hanley shared the following details in the criminal complaint.

  • Selby was found with her cellphone. After a forensic download of her phone, investigators found no user-generated activity after 10 p.m. on Jan. 11. 
  • Selby shared an Uber account and Cash App with her aunt, and on Jan. 11, Selby received a Cash App money transfer for $30 from a Lucas Duke and immediately placed an Uber ride. The Uber ride left Williamsburg that day at 1:18 p.m. and went to a location on Coral Key Place in Newport News, arriving at 1:49 p.m.
  • Lt. Griffin interviewed Sabina Appel, who was allowing Selby to live with her, and Appel stated that Selby was dating a man named Darius and observed him on a FaceTime video call with Selby. 
  • Hanley researched the Cash App handle “Lucas Duke” and determined the phone number associated with it. The number came back to Andarius McClelland, also known as Darius. 
  • Andricus McClelland, Andarius’ brother, lives in an apartment on Coral Key PIace in Newport News and owns a 2021 Dodge Charger with a North Carolina license plate. 
  • Sgt. Coughlin interviewed Andricus, who stated that his brother Andarius was at his apartment on Coral Key Place with Selby the night of her disappearance. Andricus stated that Andarius borrowed his Dodge Charger to give Selby a ride home. Andricus also stated that his vehicle was covered in dirt, which is consistent with the dirt on the path Selby was found on. 
  • Andricus also told Coughlin during the interview that he owned a Glock 9mm pistol that he kept in his nightstand drawer. 
  • After the interview, Investigator Lacy spoke with Andricus on the phone, and Andricus stated that Andarius attempted to sell the pistol to a friend identified as Cor Ravenell. Andricus said he confronted Andarius about the location of the firearm once he noticed it was missing. Andarius told Andricus that he needed to get rid of the gun and sold it. Andricus contacted Ravenell and retrieved the firearm. 
  • Lacy interviewed Ravenell, who stated that Andarius contacted him Jan. 13 in reference to selling the firearm. They met and the exchange occurred. On Monday, Jan. 16, Ravenell was contacted by Andricus and returned the pistol to him.
  • Coughlin performed a search for the 2021 Dodge Charger through Flock Safety’s license plate recognition system and there was a log on Jan. 11 at 7:57 p.m. on Mercury Boulevard eastbound. The next time the tag was logged was the same night at 10:47 p.m. leaving Isle of Wight County entering into Newport News on Mercury northbound. A search for the tag was executed across the last 30 days through the Flock LPR system, and there was no other log of the plate in Isle of Wight or anywhere outside of the Peninsula. 
  • Selby’s family members stated that she always had a small black backpack with her, and investigators have not located the backpack.


In the affidavit for the search warrant pertaining to a search for a cellular device, firearm and ammunition on Andarius McClelland’s person, Hanley noted that Andarius was the last person that investigators could connect to Selby prior to her death.

Hanley mentioned believing that the cellular device of Andarius may be located on his person and that it could be evidence in the death of Selby. 

Hanley also mentioned having knowledge of an incident in which Andarius discharged a firearm during a verbal argument involving his brother at Coral Key Place. Hanley noted also being advised that there was a firearm located in the apartment and that Andarius had access to it. This information was provided by Andricus during the interview.

In the affidavit for the search warrant pertaining to a DNA sample from Andarius, Hanley stated that there were numerous items that were found around Selby’s body that could contain DNA, and Andarius’ sample will be compared to the DNA profiles on the items.

The third search warrant pertained to a search of the apartment on Coral Key Place in Newport News where Hanley noted Andricus verified as being the place at which he and his brother Andarius reside.

The things or persons to be searched for are described in the affidavit for this search warrant as follows: “Evidence related to the murder and death of Aonesty Selby to include blood, fibers, DNA, latent fingerprints, firearms, ammunition, small black backpack, electronic storage devices and content of said devices as it relates to the homicide and death of Aonesty Selby.”

The fourth search warrant, released Jan. 19, pertained to the 2021 Dodge Charger and was sworn to by Investigator D. Edwards, who noted believing that the vehicle contains evidence of the crime and/or Selby’s belongings.

The documentation states that the following was seized under the authority of this warrant: seven DNA swabs, one pair of brown work boots, a dirt sample, one blue denim jacket and the onboard infotainment, telematic/electronic system.