Council to decide placement of town-owned frogs

Published 10:00 am Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Windsor Town Council plans to make a decision Tuesday, Aug. 9, on where three town-owned frog sculptures will be placed once painting on them is complete.

The sculptures are intended to be emblems for people to recognize the town by and are part of an initiative spearheaded by the Windsor Economic Development Authority that draws upon the locality’s history of being a popular place for frogs due to the area’s heavy, wet soil.

Windsor Congregational Christian Church purchased a matching sculpture, painted it and placed it along West Windsor Boulevard in May.

During the town council’s July 12 meeting, Councilman and EDA member Jake Redd notified the other council members that painting on the first town-owned frog should be completed in about a month.

“So I just want to revisit or just bring it back to council about the locations of the frogs,” he said.

Redd noted that previous discussion had identified the top-three possible locations as being at the Windsor Town Center; at the intersection of Shirley Drive and U.S. Route 460; and at the Wesley F. Garris Event Park.

“We don’t necessarily need a decision right now, but probably by next meeting, we’ll want to be looking at finalizing (locations),” he said.

EDA member Dewitt Holland is painting the frog that is nearing completion, and he said on Thursday, Aug. 4, that he had about 10 more hours of work left on it.

Asked what the themes were for each frog, Redd explained to council members that the first frog features a Boy Scouts theme.

“The second one is kind of a farmer theme with tractors on it, and the third one is kind of after the namesake of Windsor, like a crowned, queen frog with jewels and bling on it,” he said.

The second frog is looking like it will be done in October, he noted, adding that he does not have a completion timetable for the third frog.

Councilwoman Kelly Blankenship brought up the idea of coordinating the themes and locations of the frogs.

“Different themes kind of fit better in different places,” Mayor Glyn T. Willis agreed.

He asked Redd to send council members a list of all the themes and all the possible locations so they could ponder them in preparation for the Aug. 9 meeting.

“Will do,” Redd said.

The council meeting is set for 7 p.m. on Tuesday at Windsor Town Hall.