Remembering the Past, Concerns about the Future

Published 4:29 pm Friday, June 10, 2022

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The decade of 2010 began in a seemingly mild manner. Most of us were just “doing our thing,” paying only casual attention to the news, but nature was having a heyday. We heard about two very large earthquakes, one in Haiti which decimated important buildings and left 220,000 dead, one in Chile with a death toll of 525 people and later, a mining accident left 29 miners trapped underground, no way to be rescued. A huge volcano eruption in Iceland sent black smoke 33,000 ft. into the air.

There was other news – about sports figures and the “doings of royalty”, the Queen with her grandson Prince William and Kate’s engagement- and even the debut of the Downton Abbey drama. Unless we have some serious interests or are a part of what is happening, our interest wanes and the past loses much of its significance.

The 2020 decade challenged and changed us and our country forever. We were moved almost breathlessly into what I call the “BC” era of modern history- “Before Covid.”   Breaking news was sometimes new hourly. Greatly touted were political concerns. Almost everything in our lives was in some way affected.

Think again about “BC”  and wander back into what was happening when the new decade began spawning so much that would be new to most of us. In addition to Covid, there were politically disputed and vilified protests and horribly ugly words and actions.  There was little or no sign of any understanding of the differences in opinion each of us might have, just strongly motivated people, many determined to put everyone under their control.

The Sunday School class I teach had just begun to study the Bible book of Psalms. I doubt we could have imagined the relevance it would have as we faced the 2020 decade.  The first psalm was comforting.

Psalm 2 provides a clear understanding of the Creator God Who is in control of the world. The psalm writer makes fun of those who think they are in power.

A more modern translation of Psalm 2 makes the point for today’s emerging understanding of language. The “nations” are really those who rule us.

            “Why are the nations so angry?  Why do they waste their time on such futile plans? 

             The kings of the earth prepare for battle, the rulers plot together against the Lord

             and against His anointed One. ‘Let us break their chains’ they cry and free

             ourselves from slavery to God’. But the One who sits in Heaven laughs, the Lord

             scoffs at them. Then in anger He rebukes them…

             Only ask and I will give you the nations as your inheritance…”  (NLT Version)

What we need today is an understanding of the One Who rules in the affairs of man.  We may think we can do as we please but there will be judgment when we defy God and the  laws He established for the people and earth He created.  We need an awakening and prayers of repentance. When Israel left God out of their lives. or tried to change His laws. God judged them. Finally, they lost their land and all they possessed. America is not Israel, but Israel’s God is the Creator Who allowed us to have and live in our country and He will have the last word.

The  Prayer Breakfast in Suffolk last week was a reminder for all of us to bow the knee and heart to the only One Who can bring us the peace and stability we need for today and the future of ourselves and our children.

Myrle V. Thompson, 94 is a Suffolk resident, a retired TEAM missionary and Bible teacher.  (