Intersection project done early, under budget

Published 6:29 pm Friday, April 1, 2022

The Route 17 at Route 258 Intersection Capacity Improvements project has been completed ahead of schedule and under budget, reported the Virginia Department of Transportation.

A March 25 VDOT press release continued by noting that while originally anticipated to be completed in fall 2022, the work completed by contractor crews with the department wrapped up several months ahead of schedule on March 24.

The project added a single southbound left-turn lane from U.S. Route 17 south into the James River Crossings development and a second northbound left-turn lane from U.S. Route 17 north onto U.S. Route 258 west. Project crews also added one new through lane on U.S. Route 258 east entering the James River Crossings development that will remain closed until the remaining work performed by the private developer is complete. The James River Crossings developers will be installing the fourth and final signal of the intersection.

In addition to the new turn and through lanes, the project encompassed traffic signalization improvements, roadway elevation adjustment for improved drainage and intersection paving.

Henry S. Branscome LLC began construction on the $3.25 million project in May 2021.