A new book for the holidays

Published 5:05 pm Friday, November 19, 2021

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Smithfield’s favorite pitbull has a new book out just in time to celebrate Christmas.

Sonja McGiboney, who lives in Smithfield, has released her newest book following the adventures of Jazzy the dog called “Jazzy’s Twelve Days of Christmas.”

As the Christmas season nears, favorite Christmas songs and holiday classics come to mind. This picture book is a new look at “The Twelve Days of Christmas” only from the point of view of a dog and what she wants for Christmas. Instead of a partridge in a pear tree, Jazzy gets the biggest bone she’s ever seen.

“The book is just all fun,” said McGiboney. “People can read it or sing it as they go through.”

According to McGiboney, even though the book is 42 pages as it follows Jazzy’s list over and over again, it reads pretty quickly. Kids will enjoy the pictures of Jazzy as she receives all of her favorite things, including balls, ducks, pigs, stuffed animals, snakes, ropes and Christmas sugar cookies.

The pictures in the book are taken by McGiboney and accompany her lyrical text that helps kids learn numbers and sequence as they repeat Jazzy’s slowly growing Christmas list. McGiboney has released other children’s books where Jazzy helps kids learn counting, shapes, colors, the alphabet and even concepts like learning to love who they are.

“I’ve done other educational books in the past, and I thought this would be a fun way to show numbers,” said McGiboney.

Unlike her past books, McGiboney has not received a pile of copies for her to sign and sell to readers. However, those who still want a signed copy still have a chance. Folks can visit McGiboney’s website and email a copy of their receipt and who they would like the signing to be made out to, and she will send a nameplate sticker to put inside the book. For fun, McGiboney will also include coloring pages made from pictures of Jazzy.

Learn more or purchase “​​Jazzy’s Twelve Days of Christmas” at jazzysbooks.com.