Public Works building comes in under budget

Published 6:42 pm Friday, September 17, 2021

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Windsor Town Manager William Saunders provided a capital projects update to the Town Council during its Sept. 14 meeting, highlighting the Public Works building coming in under budget and a potential resolution for the Shiloh Drive sidewalk erosion.

“The Public Works building has been completed,” Saunders told council members. “All invoices have cleared, and the project came in $6,430.63 under the budgeted amount, with a final cost of $609,871.37.”

With regard to the Duke Street and Virginia Avenue water main replacement, Saunders said work to obtain the necessary easements is under way, and deeds of easement are under review.

Mayor Glyn T. Willis asked about the next step on that project and its schedule.

“Once we’ve got all the easements, we get back with the engineers with all that information and continue to incorporate some of that into the plans,” Saunders said, noting they will then make sure all the details are in place before putting the project out to bid.

“This would be a wintertime job, at best?” Willis asked.

“I would say so, yes,” Saunders replied, expressing his hope to get the project completed this fiscal year.

In reference to the Shiloh Drive sidewalk, Isle of Wight County, the Virginia Department of Transportation and the contractor are working on a resolution for the erosion taking place there, Saunders said.

“VDOT’s going to pull the ditch again to try and get as much moisture away from the area as possible as they design a solution,” he said.

He added that he has had another conversation with Isle of Wight County Transportation Manager Jamie Oliver since gathering the preceding information for the council’s meeting packet.

“They’re really at a loss as to how that much water is coming underneath the sidewalk right there,” Saunders said. “We don’t think there’s any drain tile in the field there. I know there’s some in other places. They don’t know if it’s just a spot of really bad-quality soil or the erosion or what, but they’re working with VDOT on a couple of potential solutions.”

Lastly, Saunders gave an update on the Windsor Town Center roof replacement and moisture repair project, for which the arrival of the needed materials has been delayed multiple times.

“Of course, the contract is signed, the contractor is still interested in doing the work and has maintained contact with us,” Saunders said, referring to Adelphia Contracting. “The proposed time of arrival for the materials was Sept. 13. They did not arrive.

“This time they did not put us over for another whole month like they have the last few times,” he continued. “They’re hoping that the materials will be in, in the next week or two. So we’re hopeful they’ll be in by the end of this month since they didn’t just put us off for a whole month this time.”

Council member George Stubbs asked if there has been any discussion on a possible increase in cost for the project.

“I haven’t heard anything about cost,” Saunders said. “They said that once they nail down the actual date of delivery, they’ll provide the updated cost.”