Agree to disagree — respectfully

Published 7:28 pm Friday, May 14, 2021

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Politics, race issues and policing have all been prominently displayed in national and local headlines. Differences of opinion have led to shouting matches, violence and even riots.

It is refreshing that when yet another controversy arose, such as the relocation of a Confederate monument, one that stood outside of the Isle of Wight County Courthouse Complex for the past 115 years, community members did not delve into more of the same.

The removal of the monument brought with it differences of opinions and emotions. There are those who celebrated the relocation and others that felt it was an effort to erase or to rewrite history.

As we reported in today’s edition, for Valerie Butler, president of the local Isle of Wight NAACP chapter, it was seen as an opportunity for change. She said, “I am hopeful that what the monument symbolized — white supremacy, oppression and racism to the Black community — that the absence will be a beginning for progression and open dialogue.”

For others it was a solemn occasion and not one to be celebrated. About the monument relocation Volpe Boykin said, “To us, this is the same as exhuming a grave and relocating it, so it should be done in an honorable, quiet and quick fashion.”

Two vastly different opinions being rendered respectfully, without shouting or worse, is a welcome change and one we hope to see more of.