One nation under God, woefully divided

Published 4:28 pm Friday, November 6, 2020

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By Dr. William Scott

This presidential election has clearly identified the division of the United States of America. Our form of democracy has been seriously tested and found wanting. Wanting some of the elements of our founders, wanting some of the elements that done away with slavery, wanting some of the elements that included women’s right to vote, wanting some of the elements that accepted integration, wanting some of the elements that accepted who you could love. And wanting a national positive attitude that honors and respects all human life.

We have a serious problem with inevitable change. We have a deep, very deep problem with truth. We shame and sham ourselves by pretending to be one way when deep down within the recesses of our being we are another way. Our hidden secrets are covered up brilliantly and accepted when it comes to making choices. The choices that impact on our lives, our fortunes, and our honor — we’re not genuinely honest.

It doesn’t matter very much who wins the presidential race because the national divide has told every American just where you stand. The Red and Blue political maps we watch on our news channels speak volumes to each one of us. Even where the race is almost too close to call, we see our nation — under God — woefully divided.

The maps don’t speak to why the divide is glaring, we just talk all round the issue and call it “political science” or a political phenomenon, that we just accept. Nice words that conceal the true issues.

The true issue: We voted for and against the possibility of having a female black president should Joe Biden win and die in office — after all, it was stated cryptically that he’s an old guy who’s shown signs of dementia. It wasn’t about Joe; it was about Kamala. It was never actually discussed, but remnants of that possibility were pushed by the current administration and circulated in the news media from the very beginning.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter who wins because we will still have gridlock. And it will go on for four more years because we are woefully divided. Our divinely established Constitution has been demonized. Until we attempt to fix that, things will remain the same, ushering in more chaos.


Dr. William Scott is a guest columnist for Windsor Weekly. He can be reached at