Elect Kathy Torrence — the clerk who knows 100% of the work

Published 5:47 pm Friday, October 9, 2020

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To the Editor:

On Nov. 3 we will elect a Circuit Court Clerk. One candidate is uniquely qualified to fill that position and perform the nearly 800 wide-ranging duties described in the “CIRCUIT CLERK’S DUTIES” manual. That candidate is Kathy Torrence.

In 2005, Ms Torrence joined the small staff of the Clerk’s office and mastered the duties and regulations associated with civil cases, judgments, indexing, recording, and the delivery of basic services to the public (marriage licenses, gun permits, etc). In 2010, Ms Torrence became Chief Deputy Clerk which demanded higher level responsibility and expertise in the development of mandated financial reports, regulated accounting procedures, unclaimed property matters, and audits. She handled probate and guardianship matters; interfaced with State and Local offices; dealt with technology providers, judges and law enforcement; and performed a host of other management duties. This January, Ms. Torrence was appointed Circuit Court Clerk upon the retirement of The Honorable Sharon Jones.

The knowledge and experience Ms. Torrence brought to the job made the transition seamless. Our new Clerk soon encountered the challenging impact of the Coronavirus shutdowns. Her experience and expertise enabled Ms. Torrence to facilitate mandated operations, manage technology interfaces, keep her staff in the office consistently performing their duties and meet the public safety needs of the citizens of the county while delivering essential services.

For the good of the county, we need a clerk who knows the work — 100% of the work! Kathy Torrence is the very best qualified candidate for the job.


Valerie Schmidt-Wilson