Putting monument issue on ballot would give everyone a say

Published 6:22 pm Friday, September 11, 2020

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To the Editor:

I would like to thank the Board of Supervisors for taking their time this past Thursday to listen to the citizen’s comments. However, I do not understand the Board’s reluctance to place the decision on the monument on the ballot as Supervisor [Don] Rosie proposed in the meeting when they decided to take up the issue. I feel the Board would benefit from placing it on the ballot by:

  • Elevating themselves above a controversial, divisive and emotional issue.
  • Allowing all of the citizens to have a say on the issue, hence the outcome becomes the will of the people.

Please reconsider Supervisor Rosie’s motion and put it on the ballot and give everyone a say “inclusive” of all.

I would like to thank Windsor Weekly for accurately printing the inscription on the monument so even those who have not personally visited the monument can read what it says and what the monument is about. There is nothing derogatory, prejudice or demeaning to anyone, it does not promote defeat of anyone, non-justice, or non-equality for anyone.

It is in my opinion quite simply a monument to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice when asked to put on the uniform of their government. Yes an unpopular war as was the Viet Nam war, but again when asked, people put on the uniform and unfortunately paid the ultimate price. I would certainly hope we would not try to show a blind eye to our history and those who made the ultimate sacrifice and remove or place out of the way a monument to them no matter what popularity of the conflict was/is.

Glen Little