Windsor’s Tri-Rivers basketball team wins second event

Published 5:28 pm Friday, February 14, 2020

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Scores of Windsor High School students cheered and applauded as members of the Tri-Rivers basketball team moved back and forth on the home court during their game against Smithfield Packers on Thursday morning. This was the second event for the athletic Dukes, who have been practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays with their coaches, as well as juniors and seniors.

Rhonda Endrusick, the self-contained special education teacher at Windsor, said the next game will be away on Thursday, Feb. 20, and then return to home court for the tournament on Thursday, Feb. 27, when the Dukes will play two teams.

Each of these players has personal developmental challenges, and for those reasons, some on both sides are also allowed to receive personal guidance to help get them to the baskets. Skylar Ritz, playing for a second year at Windsor, had her younger brother, Nathan, on hand to help.

There are also adapted height nets, which enables some other players to score.

Each quarter lasts five minutes, and by halftime, the score was 16-7 for WHS. The Packers continued to keep the competition moving in the second half, but at the end the Dukes won this game, 30-25.

Avery Brinkley, a sophomore on the team, said she had a good time playing. Other players were giving and getting high-fives from teammates, student coaches and faculty.

Endrusick said the players was “jazzed up” afterward and talked a lot about the game.

She added that everyone will celebrate at the end of the season with an ice cream social.