Resolve to be more involved

Published 2:11 pm Monday, January 13, 2020

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2020 — a new year and a new opportunity to do something different. If anyone’s looking for a suggestion, we propose you becoming more involved in your respective community. It could be as obvious as joining a civic group such as the Ruritans or the Woman’s Club, which is part of the GFWC. Organizations such as those do far more than people realize. For example, the members are active in raising funds that are directed to local activities and events. Scholarships, scouting and softball immediately come to mind.
Naturally, there are plenty of churches that will welcome you into their congregations. But remember it’s not all pew worship and songs. There’s work to be done outside the sanctuary walls.

Schools often, if not always, welcome parental involvement.

Then there’s town and county government. We urge residents to attend meetings of town council, planning and supervisors more often this year. You not only get the proverbial front-row seat to witness local government at work (no jokes this time, please), but can also put in your $2 worth when necessary. Our representatives need your input to help them make informed decisions that will affect you.

Let 2020 become a more fulfilling year for yourself by immersing yourself in the community where you live.