Windsor property tax bills haven’t been mailed

Published 1:22 pm Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Windsor residents who have been checking their mail each day for their personal property tax bill from the town can breathe a sigh of relief. According to Town Manager Michael Stallings, the bills, which were supposed to have been mailed earlier this month, haven’t been sent out yet.

He and Town Treasurer Christy Jernigan told Windsor’s Town Council on Tuesday that the issue lies with Windsor’s new financial software program, Munis — specifically, with its ability to import personal property valuation assessments from the Isle of Wight County Commissioner of Revenue’s Office.

“The personal property taxes are the last piece to be fully transitioned to Munis,” Stallings said. “Real estate bills have already been mailed out and had no issues.”

He added that the town had tested the system before bringing it online earlier this year and had found no problems, but explained that November had been the first time the town had attempted to import the entire personal property assessment file from Isle of Wight County.

The town has been in the process of converting to Munis since 2015, which Stallings had previously told Windsor Weekly was to make the town more compatible with Isle of Wight County, since Isle of Wight also uses Munis. The town of Smithfield had also begun converting its financial system to Munis in 2015, but according to Stallings, only Windsor has experienced this particular issue to-date.

“Smithfield isn’t at this point in their transition to Munis, and Isle of Wight doesn’t have to import data from another locality, so they wouldn’t experience this issue,” he said.

The town manager then confirmed that Munis would be correcting Windsor’s issue on the company’s dime, and that the bills will be due 30 days from whenever they are sent out.