Land Transfers for August

Published 1:46 pm Monday, October 28, 2019

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The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court for the month of August.

John Clinton Bryant to Charles Nash, Lot 8 Taylor Court-T/W, $185,000.

Marianne E. Conroy to Jennifer L. Quillin, Lot 5 R.A. Stokes Lse.-T/W, $115,500.

Willkris Services LLC to Michael Stuart, Lot 1 Carl Beale Sr. Prop.-T/S, $345,000.

Kimberly Harrison to Christopher Brown, Lot 15 Sec. 2 Wrenns Mill Estates-H, $274,000.

Edgerton Contracting to Wayne D. Wood, Lot 17 Sec. 4A Wrenns Mill Estate-H/D, $440,000.

Gretta B. Gandy to Adrienne L. Stone, Lot 15 Ph. 2 Windsor Woods-W/D, $290,000.

Alexis King to Deborah Beers, Lot 30 Colonial Acres-N/D, $148,900.

Carlesi Construction to Mark E. Reynolds, Lot 166 Ph. 2 Sec. 2B Founders Pointe-N/D, $605,250.

Sonia L. Willia to David J. Paquin, Lot 14 Ph. 3 Gatling Pointe South, $415,000.

Robin R. Bonham to Robin R. Bonham, Lot 258 Ph. 5 Cypress Creek-T/S, $0.

NVR Inc. to Donte Robinson, Lot 86 Ph. 5 Benns Grant, $298,182.

NVR Inc. to James L. Hughes Jr., Lot 118 Ph. 4A Benns Grant, $389,990.

Algie T. Howell Jr. Revo. to Kiley Renee Delahoussaye, Parcel Carrsville Village, $85,700.

Linda O. Magette to Gene A. Smith, Par. A, B and C Carl Beale, $316,000.

Geraldine M. Holden to Chrstopher L. McTague, Lot 241 Tr. 2 Ph. 6 Eagle Harbor-N/D, $340,000.

Eric Lewis to Marcus L. Smith, Lot 1 Sec. 2 Green Meadows-N/D, $294,000.

Stephanie Branch to Christopher L. Edwards, Parcel Harry Clarke Jr.-H/D, $25,000.

NVR Inc. to Matthew Henry Ruff, Lot 156 Ph. 5 Benns Grant, $387,912.

Mary R. Carney to Mary R. Carney Tr., Lot 165 Sec. 5 Waterford Oaks-T/S, $0.

Birdsong Builders Inc. to Douglas Hill, Lot 233 Ph. 2 Sec. 2D4 Founders Pointe-N/D, $487,000.

NVR Inc. to Michael Casey, Lot 36 Sec. 3B Wrenns Mill Estates-H/D, $344,900.

Suzanne F. Peterson Tr. to John Stephen Rawls, Lot 25C Ph. 1 Church Square, $265,000.

Founders Pointe LLC to James H. Henick, Lots 291, 292 and 293 Ph. 2 Sec. 2D1 Founders Pointe-N/D, $625,000.

Paul R. Nichols II to Paul R. Nichols II, Lot 6 Sec. 3 Moone Plantation-T/S, $0.

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lots 112 Ph. 4A and Lot115 Ph. 5 Benns Grant, $209,800.

Susan E. Brayshaw to Tracey Maynor, Lot 2 Tormentor Lake Farms-H/D, $440,000.

Thomas A. Rucker Tr. to Jefferson D. Griffin Tr., 6 acres 25 acres Pierce Prop. and Par. Rt. 258-W/D, $210,000.

Mark S. Bradshaw to Douglas A. Chesson, Lot 4 Sec. 2 D.T. Prince Prop.-W/D, $53,500.

Thomas M. Elswick to Diana Lynn Elswick, Lot 1 Jack U. Oglesby-H/D, $0.

Clarence C. Hundley Jr. to Clarence C. Hundley Jr. Tr., Lot 41 Regatta Pointe, $0.

Equity Trustees LLC to Current Homes LLC, Inst. 10-4547 Lot 15 Pagan Point, $314,501.

Adam Ritsch to Gerald F. Habighorst, Par. B. P.T. Gies Prop. State Rt. 704-N/D, $205,000.

Barbara B. Geist Tr. to Barbara B. Geist Tr., Lot 19 James Landing-N/D, $0.

Boomer Emerson Prop. to Michael Patrick Potter, 17006 Longview Dr.-N/D, $199,900.

IWC Residential Inc. to Sherman Edwards, Lot 22 Carrollton Manor-N/D, $496,852.

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 81 Ph. 2B Benns Grant, $94,900.

SI Property D LLC to Madison Rankin, 1.212 acres VA Hwy. 607 G.R. Edwards Jr., $250,000.

Linda M. Christie Brown to John R. Jenkins Tr., 1.7961 acres William P. Christie-N/D, $259,900.

Sim L. Diggs to Sim L. Diggs Jr., Lot 4 R.A. Stokes Prop., $0.

Patricia F. Barlow to Shawn P. Collins, Addition 5.19 acres Great Springs Rd.-N/D, $30,000.

John R. Easley to Eric R. Lewis, Lot 198 Ph. 4 Wellington Park-T/S, $342,000.

Betty W. Wilkerson Tr. to Adam J. Kearney, two parcels Rescue Village-N/D Lse., $80,000.

Virginia Walker to Ranard Simpson, Lots 39, 41 and 44 Central Hill-N/D, $40,000.

Otis Nathaniel Vaughan to William R. Cornette, Acreage White Hill Trail adj. County Line-H/D, $245,000.

James L. Ball to Corey William Shifflett, Lot 2 Windsor Woods, $323,500.

Gary L. Berland to Gary L. Berland, Lot 13 and two add. parcels Waterford-T/S, $0.

Gary L. Berland to Gary L. Berland, Lot 13 and two add. parcels Waterford-T/S, $0.

Edna R. Berland to Gary L. Berland, Lot 147 Sec. 5 Waterford Oaks-T/S, $0.

Gary L. Berland to Gary L. Berland Tr., Lot 147 sec. 5 Waterford Oaks-T/S, $0.

Church Square LLC to HHJV LLC, Lots 4A and 4B Ph. 1 Church Square, $130,000.

Founders Pointe LLC to Eagle Construction of VA LLC, Lot 238 Ph. 2 Sec. 2D1 Founders Pointe-N/D, $95,000.

Sean H. Newman to Michael F. Powell, Lot 133 Ph. 3 Wellington Park-T/S, $390,000.

John S. Parker Jr. to Allison Callahan, Unit D Bldg. 1500 Ph. 23 Bridgewater, $159,900.

Gerald D. Barwick to Jared E. DeLee, 2.989 acres Central Hill Barwick Prop.-H/D, $280,000.

Frank E. Mosteller to Jacob G. Elkins, 2.08 acres Lot 5 Horton-H/D, $250,000.

Barbara Lynn Torrey to Barbara Lynn Torrey Tr., Lot 9 B. Taylor Newbill-N/D, $0.

Michael W. Rasnake to James Hardy Rasnake, 3.03 acres Rasnake-H/D, $0.

Pamela G. Wilkerson to Pamela G. Wilkerson, Lot 85 Sec. 3 Smithfield Heights, $0.

Diane B. Quesinberry to Ryan Michael Quesinberry, 1.35 acres Par. 1 Quesinberry-H/D, $0.

Diane B. Quesinberry to Ashley Brooke Quesinberry, 1.35 acres Par. 2 Quesinberry-H/D, $0.

Dennis C. Knutson Jr. to Bryan M. Christensen, Lot 14 Ph. 2 Edgewood Estates-N/D, $295,000.

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 91 Ph. 5 Benns Grant, $94,900.

Clarence R. Williams Jr. to Travis D. Reid, Lot 301 Ph. 3A Founders Pointe-N/D, $675,000.

Arthur J. Thiele III Tr. to Richard D. Tally, Lot 108 Ph. A Scots Landing, $389,900.

Sarah J. Beale Tr. to Brian E. Colvin, Lot 36 Ph. 5 Gatling Pointe South-N/D, $550,000.

NVR Inc. to Jessica E. Taylor, Lot 90 Ph. 5 Benns Grant, $358,045.

NVR Inc. to Robert Henry, Lt 152 Ph. 5 Benns Grant, $366,954.

Noel R. S. Dennis Tr., Lot 22 Sec. 2 Cedar Grove-N/D, $394,000.

Ronald Buckley to Andreas Matsas, Par. 3 Revised Smithfield on the James, $105,000.

Wendall R. Skinner to Mesa Construction of Virginia, Inst. 19-3075 multiple lots Battery Park, $86,095.63

Mesa Construction of Virginia to Brittany P. Irvine, Lots 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Blk. 12 Wendall Skinner-N/D, $250,000.

Andrew K. Faison to Elizabeth Montage, Unit 1008 Bldg. 1000 Ph. 5 Bridgewater, $159,900.

Alvin L. Parker to AL Property Management LLC, Lots 10, 11, 12 and 5 Blk. A W.H. Sykes, $0.

Alvin L. Parker to AL Property Management LLC, Par. U.S. Hwy. 258 and Par. C Chapman Lots 27 and 28 Blk. E Sykes, $0.

J.V. Oliver III to J.V. Oliver III, 2.439 acres Par. B Oliver-N/D, $0.

Marcelo Gonzalez to Kevin Douglas Burnette, Lot 32 Ph. 5 Gatling Pointe South, $840,000.

Joshua M. Tawes to Shirley J. Heusel Tr., Lot 79 Lawnes Point on the James-H/D, $859,000.

R Squared Contracting to John Kelly, Lot 32 Sec. 4 James River Heights-N/D, $240,600.

Jacob D. Walls to Michael W. Hartman Jr., Lot 60 Tr. 2 Ph. 1 Eagle Harbor, $337,510.

Wallace B. Davis to Stephanie L. Davis, Residue Par. Percy L. Gupton-H/D, $0.

Michael S. Moshenek to Aaron James Cox, Parcel VA Rt. 661 Hite Prop.-N/D Lse., $246,000.

Thomas L. Cross to Thomas L. Cross Tr., Lt 21 Sec. 1 Aston Manor, $0.

Cypress Investment Ho. to Eagle Construction of VA LLC, Lot 413 Ph. .2A Cypress Creek-T/S, $82,500.

Mary Louise Griggs to Benjamin Bruning, Lot 8 Michael A. Gauthier-H/D, $180,000.

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 151 Ph. 5 Benns Grant, $104,900.

Jason Phelps, Lot 22 Sec. 18 Red Point Heights-T/S, $180,398.68.

Justin D. Cox to Tiffany Cox, Lot A Sec. 2 Shady Brook Farm-H/D, $0.

Jacqueline Sophia Taylor to Jacqueline Sophia Taylor, Unit 30 Ph. 11 Lighthouse Commons, $0.

Jeanette J. Keener to Lorie K. Collins, 31 acres Channels Rd. and two acres Rascoe Neck-N/D, $0.

Cedar Homes Investment to Dillon Tyler Barnette, 1.836 acres adj. Cofield-N/D, $229,900.

Eagle Construction to Scott A. Heinchon, Lot 257 Ph. 5 Cypress Creek-T/S, $507,052.

Sasser Construction LC to Nicholas J. Diorio, Lot 317 Ph. 3B Founders Pointe-N/D, $623,584.

Eagle Construction to Amber S. Masingo, Lot 255 Ph. 2 Sec. 2D5 Founders Pointe-N/D, $457,013.

Dale Tuck to Joshua Floyd Ducote, Lot 35 Morris Creek Landing, $227,000.

Philip J. Bleeker to Carrie Whitlow, 5.115 acres Edwin R. Holton-N/D, $299,000.

Patrick Jackman to Phillip M. Barnes Jr., Parcel Daniel W. Proctor-T/S, $329,900.

H.H. Hunt Homes Hampton to Rodney L. Gilchrist, Lot 384 Ph. 2A Cypress Creek-T/S, $485,000.

James K. Parker to Michael Howe, Lot 410 Ph. 2A Cypress Creek-T/S, $470,000.

Heather L. Schaubach to Camerin D. Sullivan, Unit Br. Bldg. 2000 Ph. 29 Bridgewater, $199,999.

Justin T. Barksdale to William J. Delamain, Lot 8, 9A and 10A John D. Pollock-T/S, $323,000.

Woodworks R Us LLC to Brian Christopher Bell-Jump, 0.972 acres St. Rt. 654 Major T. Manning-N/D, $280,000.

Samuel I. White PC Sub. Tr. to Todd Bryant, Inst. 03-2420, $100,000.

Lawrence W. Cameron to Lawrence W. Cameron Tr., one acre Par. B James E. Scott-N/D, $0.

Barbara A. Lambert to Diane E. Reilly, Lot 92 Sec. 2 Carisbrooke, $0.

Bentley B. Hudgins to William John Horning III, Inst. 19-2273, $0.

Allen Kelley to Jeffrey Eelman, Lot 16 Aspen Woods-T/S, $334,000.

Kirk IOW Properties LLC to Richard L. Rancour, 18.47 acres H&R Investment Corp.-W/D, $38,000.

David Brown to Tennielle Brown, Lot 162 Jamestown Annex, $0.

Willis Freeman Sr. to Joshua B. Freeman, Lots 57, 58 and 59 Jamestown Annex-W/D, $0.

Myra J. Neal to Christina W. Long, Parcel Cary St.-T/S, $0.

Joseph Powell to Eric P. Fay, Lot 9 Ph. 1A Benns Grant, $379,000.

Stephen Bennett to Michael C. Pitts, Lot 36 Lawnes Point on the James-H/D, $164,000.

Roger P. Cooke Jr. to Roger P. Cooke Jr. Tr., Interests Lot 10 Commodore Point-N/D, $0.

NVR Inc. to Jonathan Neal Flippin, Unit D Site 7 Ph. 3 Lakeview Cove-T/S, $203,593.

NVR Inc. to Jennifer Curcio Mellis, Unit C Site 7 Ph. 3 Lakeview Cove, $197,305.

JP Housing LP t Jersey Park Apartments LLC, 6.008 acres and add. Sec. 1 Beacon Realty-T/S Lse., $3,200,000.

Timothy S. Hinman to Jeremy H. Zappas, Lot 12 Ph. 5 Gatling Pointe South, $508,200.

Kristal N. Heredia to Louis J. Paolini, Lot 56 Ph. 1B Gatling Pointe South, $410,000.

Federal Home Loan Mor. to Niquoll J. Flacksenburg, Lot 23 Ph. 2 Ashby-N/D, $265,700.

Clarence C. Hundley Jr. to Clarence C. Hundley Jr. Tr., Lot 41 Regatta Pointe, $0.

Barbara A. Lambert to Diane E. Reilly, Lot 92 Sec. 2 Carisbrooke, $0.