Better safe than sorry

Published 5:36 pm Friday, September 14, 2018

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Like you, we wish that the Isle of Wight County Fair were taking place … as well as the Nottoway Indian Tribe Powwow in Surry and crab-tasting with the Hunters of Windsor, or any number of other activities that were planned for the weekend. But, darn that hurricane. Florence just had to go and scuttle the fun.

Ah well, such is the force of nature. There’s no fighting it, only preparation and endurance.

Wisely, the organizers of the fair and other events saw the writing in the skies and took the appropriate action.

Likewise, we think that the town, county and school officials acted swiftly and assuredly to ready fire, rescue, law enforcement and everyone else essential to the occasion of the impending occasion.

While this editorial was being written, the sun was shining and the storm clouds racing hundreds of miles away. Our hope — our prayer — is that Western Tidewater will get through with little to no damage to life and property.