Retired educator proud of Clarke, his work

Published 3:58 pm Saturday, July 21, 2018

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I am a lifelong resident and a retired educator of Isle of Wight County. I have known Sheriff James R. Clarke Jr. since he was a teen. James has always proven to be a fine and outstanding young man. I have witnessed how he respects and values the lives of the people of his church and the community. He is a person of maturity, who has shown that he can interact with all people; regardless of race, ethics or backgrounds.

James works in various capacities in the church. There he serves as an associate minister, Bible School teacher, youth advisor, Vacation Bible School director and former treasurer. Sheriff Clarke also works diligently and faithfully in the community he serves. Knowing your community makes a big difference in the way you render to them. This is James Clarke; he can communicate with the people and take pride in doing so.

It is obvious that Sheriff Clarke has done several things to improve and prepare himself for the positon. I have seen him further his education in several areas and this is so important in learning to deal with people. I have witnessed him go through several trainings in law Enforcement, sometimes having to leave his family for weeks to do so; he takes pride in this.

This indicates to me that he is greatly concerned about making sure he is prepared to serve the people around him in the best possible way.

I am proud to know that Sheriff James R. Clarke Jr. is in charge of making sure the citizens of Isle of Wight County are properly looked after and protected.


Deloise Gwaltney