Land Transfers for March

Published 2:54 pm Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court in March

Lindsey B. Pace to Jessica D. Winkley, Unit 4 Ph 34 Woodbridge, $212,300

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Warren Lee McFarland, Pt Lot 134 Sec B St. Luke’s, $1,600

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Jerry W. Starling, Lots 617 & 618 D2 St. Luke’s, $1,600

John E. White Jr. to LWJ Farm LLC, 252.32 AC Joyners Bridge, $0

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Charles Bailey Pond III, Pt Lot 154A Sec B St. Luke’s, $1,600

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Joseph Anthony Didio, Pt Lot 149 A&B Sec B St. Luke’s, $1,600

Jerry Keith Walker Jr. to Timothy L. Mallory Sr., Lot 231 Tr 2 Ph 6 Eagle Harbor – N/D, $315,000

Equity Trustees LLC; Su… to Bank of America Na., Inst 09-5931, $205,740

Bank of America Na. to Garland Edwards, Lot 8 Sec 4 Smithfield Heights, $194,000

Darlene P. Richardson to Peter Tulane Atkinson, 2.093 Ac Lot B Tomlin Hill RD – H/D, $255,000

Brian K. Atkins to Robert P. Atkins, 45.75 Ac Pt Joseph Atkins Tract – H/D, $0

Robert P. Atkins to Brian K. Atkins, Interest 46 Ac Home Place Lr Atkins – H/D, $50,000

Tract 3 LLC to Fabian O. McClure, Unit Cr Bldg 100 Ph 28 Bridgewater, $149,900

Pennymac Loan Service… to Candace T. Jones, Lot 2 Gwaltney Subd – H/D, $105,200

Robert Hutter Gale to Hutter Gale Real Estate LLC, Lot 32 Ph 2 Queen Annes Court – N/D, $0

Sally Mae Holland to Rex W. Alphin, Inst 18-0171, $0

Michael Scott Alexander to Michael Scott Alexander Tr., Lt 210 Eagle Harbor Tract 2 Ph 6 N/D, $0

US Bank NA Tr. to Ralph Brian Sloop, Lot 8 Sec 2 Butlers Pointe – N/D, $93,600

Marvin H. Williams to Gary Wayne Barncord, Lot 50 Holland Meadows, $280,000

Patrick Zimmerman to US Bank National Association Tr., Inst 05-3101, $331,773.49

Knight Family LLC to Maryland K. Roberts, 1.07 Ac Par A Knight Family Borders Suffolk, $0

Gerald W. Price to Gerald W. Price, Lot 22 Ph 2 Edgewood Estates – N/D, $0

Allan C. Hanrahan to Gary A. Hanrahan, Lot 3 Sec 2 Pagan Point, $0

Equity Trustees LLC; Su to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Inst 10-1344, $240,000

Michael J. Mandara to April M. Watkins, Lot 3 Sec 3 Moone Plantations, $259,900

Federal Home Loan Mor… to Bridget Cayton, Lot 12 Sec 4A Wrenns Mill Estates – H/D, $200,000

George A. Buchanan to Clinton Buchanan, 22 ½ Ac Adj Holloway – H/D, $0

NVR Inc. to EW Benns Grant, Lots 98 & 104 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $193,080

Thomas D. Schlierf to Julia L. Pillow, Lot 73 Ph 2B Benns Grant, $317,000

William A. Donaldson to Corey L. Moye, Lt 254 Eagle Harbor Tr. 2 Ph 6 N/D, $367,000

Margeret H. Marshall to 3 BS Land LLC, 40 Ac Deer Path – W/D, $30,000

NVR Inc. to EW Benns Grant LLC, Lots 93 & 130 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $183,080

Christine Newcomb to Dee Garland, Lot 4 Cannon Acres – N/D, $235,000

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Alvin L. Parker, Spaces B & C Lot 29 Sec A St. Luke’s, $1,600

Daniel R. Jones to John F. Kerr, Parcels A & B William Joseph Holleman – H/D, $193,000

Frances Staples Lane to Historic St. Luke’s Restoration, Lot 76 Sec C St. Luke’s Memorial Park, $1,000

ALG Trustee LLC; SUB Tr. to Wells Fargo Bank NA, Inst 12-2701, $181,440

Kimberly A. Swagger Tr. to Kimberly A. Swagger Tr., Lot 2 Pine Meadows Estates – N/D, $200,000

John H. Christman to John H. Christman Tr., Interest Lot 230 Ph 5 Cypress Creek – T/S, $0

Quicken Loans Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 20246 Battery St., $0

E Marvin Rhodes to Tony M. Rhodes, 2.349 Acre Tony M. Rhodes Property, $0

James M. Slade III to Jannet Marie Slade Butler, 9.63 Acres Lucetta B Slade N/D, $0

Alyce M. Taylor to Andrew Bradshaw, Sec B Lot 1 Littell, $4,000

NVR Inc. to Tiffany Britton, Lot 35 Ph 3B Benns Grant, $417,190

Titan Capital Corp to James E. Womble, Inst 07-6952, $109,153.02

Monrickie R. Culotta to Michael M. Harmon, Lot 152 Sec 3 Carisbrooke – N/D, $439,900

John H. Thompson to Justin R. Byrne, Lot 396 Sec 2B Cypress Creek – T/S, $475,200

James R. Kelly to Donnie L. Townsend, Lot 30 Par 7 Eagle Harbor – N/D, $339,900

Edwin Accardi to Edward F. Richards, Lot 155 Sec 3 Carisbrooke, $220,000

H Glenn Presson to Presson Construction LLC, Par County Road 600 Adj Henry Butler, $0

Smithfield Foods Inc. to Town of Smithfield, Inst 15-5150 5.70 Ac Clontz Way – T/S, $0

John V. Polak to John V. Polak, Lot 10 Sec 2 Moone Plantation – T/S, $0

ALG Trustee LLC; Sub Tr. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Inst 12-3619, $140,784

Sam D. Hughes Jr. to K T Holmes LLC, Lot 118 Ph 3 Cypress Creek – T/S, $58,000

Steve M. Lee to Stephen Lillie LLC, Parcel Adj Elmo Smith Smith Neck Rd., $0

William T. Edelstein to Paul H. Robinson, Par A Carol E Littman & Mary Kathleen Pierce, $125,000

NVR Inc. to Daryl L. Harlow, Lot 31 Ph 3B Benns Grant, $433,562

Micheal David Luter to Stephen Lee Bergstrom, Parcel US Hwy 460 Zuni Village – H/D, $0

Robert D. Hoff Tr. to Adam B. Fly, 5.4950 Ac Par A John D. Hoff Et Al Prop – H/D, $35,000

Dorothy G. Butler to Graham Purvis Pennington, 2 ½ Ac VA Rd 680 Adj Green Level – H/D, $50,000

Cornelius A. Taylor to Harry L Wood, 5.191 Ac Par C Carrithers – H/D, $22,500

Beverly K. Pemberton to Donald J. Pemberton, Parcel Adj Hwy 460, $0

Daniel J. Wagner to Timothhy J. Forbes, 1.18 Ac Par B Willett – H/D, $274,900

Beatrice R. Wise to Ryan Cere, Lot 17 Blk H Riverview – T/S, $31,000

Heywood Ashburn to Heywood Ashburn, Parcel Blackwater Rd – W/D Rt 603, $0

John Charles Mitchell to Joseph Damico, Lot 105 Sec 3B Waterford Oaks, $285,000

Betty R. Nagy Tr. to Wayne R. Mantay, Bldg 11 Unit 4 Ph 8 Villas of Smithfield – T/S, $230,000

Lester J. Garrett to Lovonia Riddick Tr., Lot73 Ph 2 Wellington Park – T/S, $306,750

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 131 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $91,540

NVR Inc. to Vernice Debrick, Lot 33 Ph 3B Benns Grant, $383,787

Harry E. Johnson to Brenden L. Cannon, Lot 17 Ph 2 Ashby – N/D, $340,000

Jessie Roe Williams to Lisa W. Arrington, Thre Parcels, $0

Brian F. Scopa to Brian F. Scopa Tr., Lt 1171 Cypress Creek Ph 4 B T/S, $0

Roxanne Marie Kozak to Steel City Holdings LLC, Unit E Bldg 300 Ph 21 Bridgewater, $0

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Alyne C. Buchanan, Lots 24 25 26 & 27 St. Luke’s, $3,200

Equity Trustees LLC; Su… to US Bank National Association Tr., Inst 07-1305, $378,250

Brian M. Kodmon to US Bank National Association Tr., Lot 4 Obrey Prop – N/D, $480,000

Samuel I. White PC Tr. To Federal National Mortgage Ass…, Inst 12-2886, $291,273.05

NVR Inc. to Sandy Robinson Reed, Lot 40 Ph 3B Benns Grant, $462,000

Austin Foster Sr. to Jack Foster Jr. Lots 165 & 166 Foster – W/D, $19,000

H Glen, Presson to Presson Construction LLC, Inst 18-0922, $0

Founders Pointe LLC to Carlesi Construction Inc., Lot 166 Ph 2 Sec 2B Founders Pointe – N/D, $125,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Carlesi Construction Inc., Lot 220 Ph 2 Sec 2D4 Founders Pointe – N/D, $92,000

Hilda Wright Harmon to William B. Barnhill, 4 Ac Adj John M.Beale – W/D, $180,000

OWB REO LLC to Matthew E. Crawford, Lot 160 Sec 5 Waterford Oaks – T/S, $250,000

James A. Baughman Jr. to Robert M. Rodriguez, Lot 32 Ph 1 Willow Oaks – T/S, $279,900

Karen Connor to Wheelman G. Andrews, Lot 18 Ph 2 Edgewood Estates – N/D, $309,900

Founders Pointe LLC to Birdsong Builders Inc., Lot 203 Ph 2 Sec 2D2 Founders Pointe – N/D, $90,000

Lawrence Huggins to Taylor S. Brinkley, Lot 22 Cl Obrey Prop – N/D, $334,400

William L. Brown to Mararet C. Andrews Tr., Lots 14 & 15 Blk B Sykes – N/D, $66,000

NVR Inc. to Andre R. Stewart, Lot 263 Ph 3A Benns Grant, $361,118

Carolyn Rawls to CMH Homes Inc., Par Adj Georgia D. Tyler – T/W, $1,500

Loni Marie Smith to Benny Wayne Smith, 18.64 Ac Benny W. Smith Prop – H/D, $0

Hampton Roads Holdings to Chris A. Yonkin, Lot 72 Ph Edgewood Estates – N/D, $365,450

Professional Foreclosure to Carrington Mortgage Services…, Inst 08-2935, $115,020

HHHunt Homes Hampton to Edward J. McIntyre Jr., Lot 335 Ph VIIA Cypress Creek – T/S, $403,865

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 120 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $101,540

Presson Construction to Eric W. Crabtree, Parcel Rt 637 Adj Clapsaddle – N/D, $217,500

Jesus Ayala to Rigoberto Ayala, Lot 6 Blk H Grimesland – T/S, $0

Michelle I. Bradstock to Pamela S. Etheridge, Unit A Bldg 1700 Ph 17 Bridgewater, $184,100

Lip & Company LLC to Wayne Lemonde Duncan III, Parcel James J. Johnson Prop – T/S, $225,000

Prof 2013 Legal Title Transfer to Current Homes LLC, Lot 43 Willow Oaks – T/S, $180,500

VM S Wirt Construction to David E. Keen, Lot 133 Ph 4B Cypress Creek – T/S, $451,252

Edward R. Lenz to P&M Properties of Smithfield LLC, Parcel Rt 704 WE Byrum Prop – N/D, $500,000

Gary Leonard Hall to Christopher P. Goodrich, 0.918 Ac M Archer Edwards – H/D, $280,000

Seth E. Twery PC; Sub Tr. to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Financials Institution 13-2994, $110,200

Michael A. Ruccollo to BK Investment Group LLC, Par A 0.92 Ac EFG Inc. Prop – N/D, $68,000

NVR Inc. to Anthony Claiborne, Lot 39 Ph 3B Benns Grant, $356,761

Affordable Homes LLC 1 to Anthony L. Buccero, Lot 203 Ph 4 Wellington Park – T/S, $335,000

Herbert E. Bevan to Milton B. Edmunds, Lot 2 Sec 2 Kings Landing – H/D, $545,000

Daniel J. Christmas; V to Daniel J. Christmas; V, Residue Par B Powell Prop – W/D, $0