Land Transfers for February

Published 2:53 pm Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court in February

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Diana J. Souder, Lot 42 Ph 5 Gatling Pointe South – N/D, $350,000

Edward F. Richards to Solomons Temple Trustees, 748 Ac Rt 697 Blackwell – H/D, $195,000

Harry L. Warrick to James L. Bohannon, Lot 33 Ph 2 Queen Annes Court, $90,000

John Vincent Ducote to Mary Beth Price, 5.664 Ac Residual Annie V. Hawks Est Prop – N/D, $115,000

Paul K. Paulk to Jacqueline B. Robinson, Lot 13B Ph 1 Church Square, $249,000

ALG Trustee LLC Tr. to MTGLQ Investors LP, Inst 17-0019, $0

Kyle F. Madden to Christopher B. Johnson, Par B Jack Miller Prop, $405,000

Theodore M. Hardison to Paul Thomas Battle Jr., Parcel Hardison Prop – H/D, $5,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 41 Ph 3B Benns Grant, $91,540

Bonnie Lee Tomlin to Harvey N. Tomlin, 1.0 Ac Pt G Lilton Pierce – H/D, $0

Barbara A. Perry to Gloria J. Ford, Tr 12 Lem Jones Est – H/D, $0

David Keith Wright to David E. Wright Jr. Tr., 2.258 Ac Lees Mill Rd. 1.009 Ac Johnson 2.00 Ac Add – W/D, $0

Stephen K. Christenson to Secretary Housing and Urban Development, Inst 14-1772, $160,339.39

Thomas E. Brown to Caleb M. Massengill, 7.9 Ac Par B Brown – T/S, $338,000

Fannie Mae to Sean Timper, Lot 18 Winterberry Place, $300,893

BB Bailey Realty and Appraisals to JRS Water System LLC, Lot 151 Sec 2 James River Shores – N/D, $50,000

Jonette A. Butler to Robert L. Bradshaw, 1.60 Ac Par C Apache Trail – N/D, $40,000

Carolyn R. Hedgspeth to Stephanie S. Iavarone, Parcel Adj Rose Prop Walters Village, $198,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 43 Ph 3B & Lot 94 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $193, 080

Robert J. Little III to Wayne L. Duncan, 229 Cary St – T/S, $75,000

Michael C. Gurganus to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Inst 09-4656, $251,692.66

Gwaltney Properties to Takelia Collins, Lot 12 Ph 1 Queen Annes Court – N/D, $126,500

Ronald Lee Drisgill to John A. Caggiano, Lot 21 Lawnes Point on the James, $165,000

Robert A. Madden Tr. to Kyle F. Madden, Lot E Jack Miller Prop/Par C Potts Prop, $503,500

Norman D. Taylor Jr. to Daniel Scott Cowen, Lot 18 Mariners Pointe – N/D, $375,000

Donald Strifler to Krystle N. Holk, Lot 164 Ph 3 Wellington Park – T/S, $340,000

John H. James Jr. to Kathryn N. Pearson, Lot 55 Ph 3 Queen Annes Court – N/D, $108,900

David J. Power to David R. Sloan, 1.793 Ac Par 2 Ben Walker Est Prop – H/D, $45,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Mesa Investments LLC, Lot B SH Warren Prop – H/D, $35,190

Barry R. Cheesman to Christina E. Cournoyer, Lot 53 Sec 1 Carrollton Meadows – N/D, $261,000

Robert W. Hart to Heather S. Tuck, Lot 94 Sec 4 Smithfield Properties – T/S, $420,000

Eric B. Dignan to Eric B. Dignan Tr., Lot 19 Sec 1C Gatling Poine South – N/D, $0

Brian C. Reis to Brian C. Reis, 1.158 Ac John P. Fares Prop – T/S, $0

Edward R. McCormick to Carol L. McCormick, Unit 87 Ph 17 Woodbridge, $0

Mary Kim Haverty to Historical St. Luke’s Restoration, SP C&D Lot 102 Sec C S Lukes Memorial Park, $1,200

Pamela Good tp Crocker to Almond Contracting and Consulting, Lot 2 John B. Greimes Estate T/E, $44,000

Robert Mark Smock to Anne M. Miller Tr., 5.277 Ac Par P Robert Mark Smock Prop – H/D, $310,000

Paul W. Jump to Paul W. Jump, Unit 87 Ph 17 Lighthouse Commons Eagle Harbor, $0

Douglas B. McConnell to Michael Sajor, Residue 45.677 Ac Lawrence Prop, $1,000,000

Brandon L. McConnell to Michael Sajor, 15.673 Ac Fam Transfer McConnell, $185,000

Alexandra B. Keeling to Hampton Roads Holding Compan…, Par B 9.846 Ac Martin Prop – W/D

B&J Land Development to Alesia Anita Ralws, 33325 Edgehill Drive Franklin, VA 23851, $8,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Sasser Construction LC, Lots 314 & 315 Founders Point Ph 111 – B – N/D, $242,500

Wilbert M. Hill to Wilbert M. Hill, Boundry Line Adjustment, $0

Wilbert M. Hill to Wilbert M. Hill, Boundry Line Adjustment, $0

Arkeme T. Ellis to Arkeme T. Ellis, Lt 42 Edgewood Estates Ph 2 N/D, $0

Ricky J. Billings to Carey M. Read Jr., Lot 80 Ph B Scots Landing – T/S, $289,000

Dixon Properties to Samuel Joseph Cox, 1 Ac Rt 620 Willie G. Savage Prop – N/D, $235,000

Kenneth W. Coleman to Stephen D. Scott, 0.137 Ac Lot 12 Riverview – T/S, $209,900

Gary Callow to Clinton Callow, 2.347 Ac 27408 Honeysuckle – W/D, $0

Quentin A. Johnson Admrn. to Quentin A. Johnson, Remainder 5 Ac US Hwy 17 – N/D, $0

Linda A. Walker to Linda A. Walker, Inst 14-4010, $0

Bank of America Na. to Bank of America NA., CL 17-1063, $0

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Duanita Franklin, Unit B Bldg 1700 Ph 17 Bridgewater, $175,000

Jeanne C. Graves to Jeanne C. Graves Tr., Lot 20 & Pt Lot 21 Carl Beale Par B & C Beale, $0

US Bank Trust Na. Tr., to Marcus W. Leete, Lot 9 Colonial Acres – N/D, $253,900

Bill Wells to Albert Gregory Upton Jr., 1 Ac Ad Joel D. Davis Prop – H/D, $30,000

Elton Uzzle to Frayanda P. Freeman, ½ Ac Hwy 644 – N/D, $0

Trustee Services of Virginia to US Bank Trust NA Tr., Inst 07-2910, $180,009

Pauline M. Hatfield to Douglas M. Arnette Jr., 3 Parcels Cofield Lake Point Dr – N/D, $65,000

Modest Creek Bee Farm to Almond Contracting & Consulti…, Lots 9 & Lot 10 Modest Creek Bee Farm – T/S, $29,000

MTGLQ Investors LP to Carol A. Johnson, Lot 3 Kings Estate – N/D, $40,000

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Larry E. Scalf, Pt Lot 207 Sec C St. Lukes, $2,400

Chad T. McCann Sr. to Mark M. Pugh, 2.254 Ac Rt 649 Anna Mae Shipp Prop, $262,900

Thomas G. Hines Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Ass…, Inst 09-5369, $382,700

Justin M. Sweatman to Salman Latifi, Unit 204 Lakeview Cove, $164,900

Rachael M. Podruchny to Town of Smithfield, Pt 23 Pinewood Heights – T/S, $84,000

Gregory C. Goings to Carol A. Johnson, Parcel – W/D, $40,000

Larry K. Oswald Tr. to Robert C. Bayless, Lot 5 Ashby Ph 3 – N/D, $285,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Robert Allen Ross, Lot 248 Founders Pointe Ph 2 Sec 2D5 – N/D, $90,000

George H. Stinnett to George H. Stinnett Tr., Lot 8 Winterberry Place West – N/D, $0

Robert A. Brinck to Robert A. Brinck, Lot 2 Mitchell – H/D, $0

Chriss A. Uptegrove to Jameson D. Gibbs, 5.10 Ac Michael T. Hopkins – T/S, $357,000

Charles E. Mercer to Charles E. Mercer Jr., 1.46 Ac Charles E. Mercer, $0

Natale Carollo to Carollo Revocable Living Trust, Lot 13 Pagan Pt Par Rt 258 & Par A & B, $0

Jason W. Curle to Andrew Micheal Barker, 0.918 Ac Louise T. Taylor Pro – W/D, $195,000

Verde Development Inc. to NVR Inc., Site 13 Ph 1 Lakeview Cove, $135,000

Trustee Services of Virginia to Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Inst 16-3094, $252,150

Amy Ballard Hutchinson to Sara Ann Kollhoff, Lot 1 Sec 4D1 Wrenns Mill, $289,000

Lynnhaven Investments to SC Carrollton LLC, 4.3291 Ac 17 Corner Pro – N/D, $2,000

Allen E. Brown to Charles G. Sewell, 3.201 Ac Par 3 Allen E. Brown – T/W, $0

Michael Pelto to Ivan L. Jaime, Lot 66 Sec 2 Cannon Acres, $264,900