Real security needed for students

Published 9:23 pm Friday, March 2, 2018

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Isle of Wight County Schools’ solution to the Florida incident is to require all visitors to show ID and state the reason for their visit, prior to being buzzed in. This is just more security theater.

I’m sure someone bent on murder/suicide would have no hesitation in showing ID, nor would they have much trouble thinking up a reasonable excuse to gain entry. Neither would they have great difficulty breaching the school’s door if they were determined to get in. Note that most recent school shooters have had no problem defeating their security measures.

I hope that someone in charge will realize that their security measures are useless against a determined attacker, and take me up on my offer to form a volunteer armed security team made up of parents, before our children are wounded and killed in an active shooter event.

We need real security for our children, not meaningless security theater.

Alan Rose