Special election in November a better idea

Published 10:23 pm Saturday, February 10, 2018


Isle of Wight Electoral Board Secretary William Bell Jr. made perfect sense by asking the Isle of Wight

Board of Supervisors to set the election of sheriff to November rather than at an earlier date.

At least four questions of logic come to mind as to why three of the Board of Supervisors

Members did not go along with Bell: 1.) Why not give the Isle of Wight voters more time to fully acquaint themselves with the two candidates for Sheriff, both in person and at public forums, before a vote?

2.) As Mr. Bell and Mr. Jefferson pointed out, why spend what has been estimated to be upwards of $20,000 that we don’t really have to or need to spend on a “special” election before November?

3.) Why not take the advice of Secretary Bell who has devoted his time to oversee the job of seeing that County voting goes legally, smoothly and more cost effective?

And lastly 4.) Why not go against the proven history of low voter turnout during a month in the year when November consistently gets more voters to the polls? Voting for the next sheriff should give all of Isle of Wight citizens until November to make up their minds about who they want to fill what is probably the most important job in our county which requires a vote.

Lud L. Spivey