You could make a dream become reality

Published 9:51 pm Saturday, February 3, 2018


The “Field of Dreams” movie well known quote to many of us is “If you build it they will come.” Windsor is tangled in this sentence. The old WMS gym was left built and not demolished. People have come and used it and dreamed of the usefulness of such a building in the Windsor community. Much effort and money has already been used to renovating the outside and landscaping. But where are we in the field of dreams?

The inside renovation is now different than what was first considered in the planning stages. The Town Council voted to spend tax money to move the architects’ plan forward. The plans are now available to contractors and bids on the project will be open on Tuesday, Feb. 6. The council will review and vote on the recommendation of the outside consultant at the regular February Town Council meeting.

The architectural plans are available on the front page of Town of Windsor website [] The original budget estimate for complete renovation presented to council was $1.2 million. Full funding for this has been set aside. The town manager informed council of a revision to the estimate following a pre-bid walk through with contractors. A revision to the original estimate was made which at present is $715,000. This is the turn-key price. With nothing done except ADA compliant restrooms and HVAC, it is estimated to be $600,000.

Some “dreamers” have already made use of the large building hosting 45 vendors at two craft fairs. The local police force utilized the inside space for their “National Nite Out,” a community “get-to-know- us.” Rain caused the event to be moved into the 7,000-square-foot gym where the bounce houses were fully inflated for the children to enjoy.

Summer programs for children and youth, as well as ongoing ones for senior adults, should not remain dreams in a community such as ours, which is looking for future growth. The dreams are for a multi-functional facility. Dreamers look beyond simply opening a gym; Dreamers are seeking a facility of greater purpose.

If you are someone who pictures the possibilities for this 16,500-square-foot building, then there are ways to make the dream a reality. Contacting your Council members would be appreciated. Speaking in favor of the dream at the public hearing would be helpful. Please consider attending the Town Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 7 p.m.

Patty Flemming

Council member

Town of Windsor