Windsor kindergarteners collecting pet supplies

Published 12:20 pm Saturday, November 18, 2017

Erin Guimoye’s kindergarten class at Windsor Elementary School is hosting a pet supply drive starting today and continuing through the week of Dec. 11. All donations will benefit the Isle of Wight County Humane Society and the county’s animal shelter.

Donors may drop off supplies in the school’s front office. Requested supplies include cat litter, cat and dog food, kitten and puppy food, cat and dog toys, old blankets and towels, Dawn dish detergent, paper towels, washcloths and Purina brand cat food (blue bag) or dog food (red bag.)

“Our kindergarten students are learning about mammals and decided to help mammals in the community,” Guimoye said on why her class chose to hold the pet drive.

Representatives from the Humane Society and the animal shelter will come to the school to receive the donations during the week of Dec. 11. The representatives will also bring a truck full of shelter animals for the children to see.