Windsor considers disc golf for temporary park

Published 12:36 pm Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Town of Windsor is seeking ideas for the creation of a temporary community park to be located on a 5-acre parcel of land in back of the town’s police station.

The land will ultimately be used for a new town hall and potentially, a new library as well. But actual groundbreaking is still several years away, and so the town is investigating what can be done with the land in the mean time.

During Windsor’s October town council meeting, one suggestion made was to turn the parcel into a frisbee golf course, also sometimes called a disc golf course. The sport involves the throwing of frisbees into chain-link metal baskets.

The town also recently solicited suggestions from town residents via its Facebook page. Some other ideas submitted by residents included a dog park and a farmers market.

Town Manager Michael Stallings said that at present, there has been no timetable announced for a final decision on how to use the land or when construction of any temporary structures needed would begin.