Ghosts of yesterdays

Published 12:35 pm Saturday, October 28, 2017


I close my eyes and I found myself lost in my memory bank of the halls of Windsor High School. It was so many years ago since I roamed those halls as a teenager, but my memories come alive and make it seem like it was only a few hours ago. The halls are silent now, but I can still see all the “Ghosts of Yesterdays” when they were so full of chatter, hopes, dreams and so much school spirit.

I can still hear the banging of those hall lockers between classes. Those lockers were our own personal little world; we kept all our books and all our secrets in there behind those combination locks. Now those lockers only hold our memories and maybe some of them still have our initials scratched into the metal.

I can see the crowded hallways that occurred each and every day. Hustle bustle was all around, no time to waste, we had to get to the next class, but of course we just had to make time to stop and chat with a few friends, even if we were late for class.

We didn’t realize it at the time, but those hallways we walked down, were actually our highways to our future. There were so many factors in our lives at the time, our classes, our teachers and our friends, all of whom, helped shape our lives and made us who we are today.

As I reflect back and visit all the “Ghosts of Yesterdaysm” I can still smell the fragrance that was in the air. I realize now that was the fragrance of the janitorial supplies that were used to keep our school clean. It’s a fragrance that we will never forget, as it is embedded into our hearts forever.

Now time has come and gone, so many of the people I see in my dreams of yesterday are no longer here among us. There is a season for living, and there is a season for dying and time decides which one it wants to lay before us. Even though we all have scattered in the four winds of heaven and earth, the one place that will always connect our hearts are the days we roamed the halls of Windsor High School

Patrick Parker
Southern Shores, North Carolina