Emily Brewer will provide excellent representation

Published 12:33 pm Saturday, October 28, 2017

Dear Editor,

First, a big “THANK YOU!” to the many, many folks that took the initiative in June to ensure that a true Republican, Emily Brewer, was nominated to be our candidate for the 64th District Delegate race this November. Emily and her supporters worked tirelessly to get her message out to the public in a mostly one-on-one effort. Emily got the nomination the old-fashioned way… get out to the people and share your thoughts and ideas while, at the same time, listening to the public and taking that input in consideration as you go forward.

Good candidates are always open and willing to listen and learn from the citizens. Even when folks don’t fully agree with a particular position, they do appreciate an honest, open explanation from the candidate and a willingness to listen to their thoughts and concerns.

I believe that Emily Brewer will represent our district to the best of her ability and provide the people of the 64th District with excellent representation and an open pathway to get the concerns of the people of her district to the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates in a forthright and honest manner.

Emily Brewer has been a Republican for many years and worked to get other Republicans, including President [Donald] Trump, elected long before she became a candidate. I believe the best hope for righting the lately wayward shape of politics in Virginia is to elect all the Republican candidates on the ballot this November: Ed Gillespie as governor, Jill Vogel as lieutenant governor, John Adams as attorney general, and definitely Emily Brewer, a true Republican, to represent us in the 64th District.

Please join me in honoring Emily and the rest of the Republican candidates with our votes not just for them, but also for our great state of Virginia on Nov. 7.

Al Casteen